Universal remote control | Programming without codes

Codes for programming universal remote control, step by step.

“How can I programming to a universal remote control without codes?” This question was made to me hundreds of times, so I decided to make a post about this and give a solution to this problem who have a lot of users. This works for different brands like: Samsung remote controls, LG, Sony, Steren and so on.

How to programming a universal control remote?

To programming a remote control, it is very important verify if this has the auto scan system. Then, we will start to explain with this model because it is the most used nowadays.

This system will allow us to do a searching without the need to have codes for each TV or possibly it does not be understandable the instructions that came with the remote control, because of that it is important buying a universal remote control that has auto scan and that one we mentioned before in the image does have it.

Many times, the instructions does not have the brand of the one TV that you have, but that is not impediment to do the programming, since any codes are similar for TVs that they are not in the instructions.

How to configure a universal remote control?

To configuring this small device, that by the way it is one of the most used at home and because of that it lasts quite little, it is very easy and it is just a matter of have the specific and correct information and that is all.

In this case, we will use 3 buttons to programming this universal control remote, without the instructions and these buttons are on the next image.

We are going to use the green button (SET), TV1 button and red button (POWER). The yellow arrow show us the LED (Light-Emitting Diode), in this case it is a little flashing light.

As I mentioned before, this remote control has an auto scan system and also there are other brands that have the same. At the time of purchase, it is necessary to read the envelope to being sure that it has the auto scan system.

This is very important for be able to do this process, since if device has not the auto scan system, you will not be able to configure it.

This universal remote control is very versatile because of the ease programming and the 6 kind of programming that you can do at the same time, that is, it could be used for 6 devices at the same time.

How to programming a universal remote control without codes?

To find the right code for the remote control, it is necessary using the auto scan system, to this we have to do the next step:

Firstly, we are going to pushing the green button (SET) and TV1 at the same time, this will cause that the red light (indicated with a white arrow) goes on and starts the programming.

It should be noted that the most of people fail this process and give up. Remember, it is necessary to push green button (SET) – I think is setting – and TV1 button.

It is important testing with any digital device, even if it is not mentioned in the manual, because it is possible that such devices works and you could find a great solution thanks to this remote control.

Note: If you want to know if this remote control is spoiled, you can check our post about ways to testing a remote control.

In my experience, I have a Japanese ONKYO sound system and I could not get its remote control anywhere but with this universal remote control I programmed my sound system and it was amazing! Logically, it has not all its functionalities like the original remote control but at least I can turn on, turn off, changing the radio channels, up and down the volume and so on.

So, as we already did the first step of programming, which was push the green button and TV1 (because we’ve been configuring and trying to connect the control with the TV) but if you want to program another TV or maybe a DVD, you can use the other buttons.

Now that we have the red light on, we push the green button (SET) again. This action will make flashing the red light and this means that the remote control is starting to search codes.


Afterwards, we push the red button consecutively until the TV goes off. Logically, all this process need to be done when the TV on and the remote control is pointing to the TV.

All this operation we must do it slowly and fulfilling each step.


When the TV that we are programming is turned off, we must push the TV1 button to save the code and the light will let to flashing and turn off, indicating that TV and remote control are programmed.

If you cannot program your remote control try it several times. Remember that “who perseveres, triumph”

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Infographic about how to programming a universal remote control

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